Essay about Polo vs Uspa

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What effects does rap have on teen’s language and behavior? Rap is a popular type of music in today’s society. Rap is influenced and inspired by other types of music. Its influences are closely related to each other. Rap music has derived from various types of music. In a world in which people are constantly confronted with violent acts such as rape, assault, murder, school shootings, and other violence. Rap has many different effects on teen’s language and behavior. Some negative some positive. When most people think of rap music today they immediately think of the gangster mentality, drug dealing, fighting, smoking, and killing. Rap paints a picture to a child of what is going on in the streets. It has a much bigger influence on teens …show more content…
In some music teens hear about how to kill and rob people. If you constantly hear the same stuff it will provoke you to go out and do the things you keep hearing. It also comes down to the language they use. Most of the time all rap songs have cursing in them. By watching and listening to the music you can catch on to the words they say, and you think it’s cool so you repeat what the song says. It changes teen’s attitudes and the way they behave. Also when the boys see men in rap videos mistreat the women they do what they see. If they see them using vulgar language then they would do the same. When they see a female they only react to them to what they seen or heard on a rap video. Some kids may not have grew up in a big happy family so the only thing they can relate to is rap music, because they feel it relates to what they been through. Rap can also affect teen’s grades in school. By them listening to it the music can sit heavily on their brain. They can go from good grades to bad grades, and sometimes it’s noticeable. Teens like certain particular rappers, because the way they rap or what they say. Some feel that the lyrics are real and it helps calm them down or get their day started. For example, some teens like Lil Boosie, Lil Webbie, and Lil Wayne. They may feel like they know their life by listening to the things they say. So in other words those the rappers are hustlers, ballers, and gangsters in some

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