Pollution And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

1650 Words Nov 14th, 2016 7 Pages
Several civilizations are plagued by pollution, yet one country in particular struggles with several types of pollution. Agricultural, industrial, and domestic pollution fill the rivers of India, creating several issues for the peoples that reside there. The large population of the country tends to be the cause of most pollution: "India 's population of nearly 1.2 billion accounts for about 17 percent of the world’s population... it has been experiencing rapid economic growth of about 6.4 percent annually over the last two decades, placing significant pressure on the environment.” The environment simply cannot handle the large amount of people as the resources struggle to support the large population. Due to the large amount of pollution, the country is filled with illnesses and the ecosystem is damaged in a very extreme way, as the soil used for agricultural pursuits is tainted. Most any government mandate is overlooked by the citizens of India, as breaking government law is not a rarity in India, creating a need for a valuable solution to the issue. If solutions are not found and followed, the people of India may be losing their abilities to continue as a society. This poses large questions for this civilization. What pollutions are affecting this society the most, and what is being done to stop it? What solutions can be used to prevent the downfall of India? Perhaps it will take more than just a government movement. Perhaps the community…

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