Global Warming: What Is It Real?

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Global warming has become a vast problem in current times. Environmental issues need to be addressed and things need to be done in order to make the world a more inhabitable place. Pollution and global warming affect not only us as humans, but also everything around us. It is important to think of the environment and how to keep it clean. We do live on this earth after all.
There is much debate on whether or not global warming is real, but the evidence is overwhelming. According the NASA, the average global surface temperature has increased considerably from 1880 with the year 2014 ranked as “the warmest on record.” NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment has collected data to show Greenland lost 150 to 250 cubic kilometers of ice per
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Human activities that are changing the natural greenhouse include the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, as well as the clearing of land. The coal and oil burning process combines carbon with oxygen in the air to make carbon dioxide. Too much carbon dioxide in the environment increases the greenhouse effect which in turn increases the global temperature; thus, global warming. Clearing forests releases large amounts of carbon dioxide as well. Other chemicals that are released through pollution include methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated …show more content…
They include: collaboration, common purpose, congruence, controversy with civility, citizenship, consciousness of self, and commitment. In order to change something so huge, there has to be collaboration. In order to really make an impact on the environment, there has to be people working together and to get people to work together, they have to have a common purpose; which would be do cut carbon emissions and slow down global warming. The group must have congruence. Without a main focus and common ground, there will be disorganization and little would get done. It is better to put a lot of effort into one area and get results then spread little effort to several different parts and get minimal return. For example, there would have to be a main target for pollution; where the effort will be directed at to make a difference. In order to find common ground, the controversy with civility has to be worked out and you have to find a balance. People are going to have different view points on what really affects the environment and it is important to work those things out. You also have to think both broadly and individually. You have to think in terms of citizenship and how others come into play and also be aware of yourself. You find how you are responsible for pollution and also how the world around you plays a role. Lastly, you have to have commitment. Slowing global warming will not happen quickly. It is a long process that has been in

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