Politics Essay

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To what extent does the prime minister control the cabinet?

Prime ministers have a lot that they can manage and control the cabinet and the system surrounding it. So power can vary but the Prime Minister definitely has a more power that say backbencher, ministers and your average MPs The main reasons for the control the Prime Minister has over Cabinet are due to the powers they have over the Cabinet itself.
The Prime Minister chairs cabinet meetings, and manages the agendas, as well as making the decisions at the end. This means that the Prime Minister has a lot of control over the meetings, and can direct choose which way the meetings lead to suite what he wants to cover and get support for.The fact that the Prime Minister
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Her Deputy Prime Minister, Geoffrey Howe even resigned over her European policy. When the Cabinet begin to lose support of the Prime Minister, sometimes someone will resign, and examples of these from Thatcher’s time as Prime minister are Geoffrey Howe,and Nigel Lawson who wasChancellor of the Exchequer in 1989 and Michael Heseltine who was defence secretary in 1986 and these two roles are extremely big in the government and both politicians were seen as well respected. Cabinet ministers, when they resign, show that there are big problems within Cabinet, and damage media reputation of the Government and the governments opinion of the Prime minister is changed.

Political heavyweights affect the power of the Prime minister in the cabinets because the Prime minister has to include them and they have loads of support from other ministers and backbenchers so the prime minister has to listen to them in cabinet in order to keep support in the party. Although they can get rid of this heavyweight they don't tend to because this will affect their view from the party and could possibly mean that the party side with the heavyweight instead of the prime minister.

The broad church nature of political parties also show lack of power when the prime minister includes members of the other end of the party in

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