Politics : Politics And Politics Essay

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Political correspondents shape the public’s opinions concerning political events and decision of government leaders. “The relationship between news and politics is considered intrinsic to democratic life…news is routinely made up of political actors and parties at a place where their decisions, actions and motivations are most likely to be featured.”(Cushion, 2015) The reason these “political actors” are under the spotlight frequently is due to the their impact on the peoples every day lives and futures.
Journalism influences the publics opinion of political leaders by reporting poll numbers, the journalist may verbally announce their personal opinions or on social media which could cause their followers opinions to sway. Journalist also reports new stories on politicians concerning a political figures personal life that could affect their reputation negatively or positively depending on the writer’s agenda. “Over 70 percent of Americans believe that there is either a great deal or a fair amount of media bias in news coverage.”(Pickler 2016)
A writer’s agenda can be detected by the paper/television/or blog that they affiliate with for example if a major television station such as Fox employs a writer or political correspondent one could assume that the employee is a republican. “Between October 1996 and November 2000, the conservative Fox News Channel was introduced into the cable programming of 20 percent of American towns. Using voting data for 9,256 towns, the authors…

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