Politics Is The Study Of How People Make Decisions Essay

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Politics is the study of how people make decisions in a group and by what means this is achieved. Some political scientists see politics in the same light as one would see a natural science, due to observable and measurable features when conducting research. Many theorists throughout history periods have tried to quantify and explain relationships with each other. This essay will argue that politics is can be to make scientific statements. This can be illustrated through the following, neutrality, empiricism, positivism and ideology.
Neutrality is key when it comes to taking part in any form of research. The political thinker Charles Taylor states, political think states 'Scientific findings are held to be neutral: that is, the facts as we discover them do not help to establish or give support to any set of value, we cannot move from fact to value ' . This explains that research on its own merit has to be considered neutral as it cannot change its findings or manipulate data. This principle applies to all forms of data regardless of whether the research is political or natural science. Looking at it from another perspective it is quite difficult for a political theorist or scientist to be neutral because they all have their own personal beliefs. The findings gathered as a result can be altered to tell a different message which is in favour of the scientist. However one has to acknowledge that scientific research is coordinated to establish findings and offer explanations…

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