Essay on Politics Is A Process Of A Nation 's Situation

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Politics are a process. The fluidity of a nation 's circumstances require differing politics in order to mend a country in distress. Latin America, a region often minimized to being a corrupt region with disparity between classes, goes through constant changes that cease the politics to a cycle of belabor. Whereas multiple forms of governing have been proposed and utilized in various nations, no nation has garnered the design of treating the systems as a sequence instead of abstaining to a particular system. Jorge G. Castañeda 's Latin America 's Turn Left advocates for a system that blurs the differences that have been strictly enforced for years to divide the landmass; however, Greg Grandin 's On the Legacy of Hugo Chávez favors a system that accepts the established differences and works towards progress by catering to the ordinary citizens of the nation.
Equality is not a process of giving everyone access to the same things so that everyone progresses at individual paces, but a process of helping the underprivileged rise to an attainable level for all. In contrast to the statements of Castañeda, Grandin 's statements about Chávez 's as the force behind the truest form of democracy in Latin America. Meanwhile, Catañeda presents Chávez as a president that ignores the needs of the poor. However, as presented in On the Legacy of Hugo Chávez, Chávez has expanded healthcare and educational opportunities for the citizens of Venezuela. Considering the wellbeing of the ordinary…

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