Politics, By Aristotle And The Upper Authority Essay

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In Politics, by Aristotle, he talks about man, women and slaves. He says how a family and city, which I think he is referring to the government here, are almost the same thing. How does he claim that we are the slaves and the upper authority are the males? We see it as us being stuck to where we are and only having to do what the government tells us. I see this true because of the woman think as their husbands as someone they love and look to for help and/or guidance. We look to the government for help and guidance but they are just controlling us in a way. We call ourselves the “greatest country on Earth” yet, all we do is go to school for sixteen years, then we work for the rest of our lives to be so called “happy.” Why do we do what the government tells us when we know there is something else we could be doing to enjoy life more?
Later on, he talks about how the male is as equal as the slave, which I agree with to an extent. Why is the male the same if he has a higher authority? I think he says this as in we are all the same on the inside, but we don’t realize that we are only different on the outside. We all have the same rights on paper, but never in the real world. For example, women in the United States are shown as weak and not independent. Women think that they have it made here, but in reality they’re just the slaves that the males hold them to. Also, in the government both parties, democrats and republicans, are actually run by the same people that no one knows…

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