Politics And Principles Of The Civil Rights Act Essay

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Politics or Principles

The next election is coming up and signing this bill could help you win or you just want to do the right thing. Johnson lived on a farm in his youth, near Stonewall, Texas. People thought that someone of his humble surrounding could never be president, they were wrong. At age twenty he became a teacher at an elementary school and then went on to teach high school. Another step in his journey to presidency was to get into politics. “In 1937 Johnson won a Texas seat in the US House of Representatives, holding the position for 11 years” ( Politics or Principal… 405). He then served in the Navy as a lieutenant commander until President Franklin Roosevelt called him back and he was elected into the senate. He next became the senate majority leader and nine years later became president after President Kennedy was Assassinated. During Johnson’s early years in congress he indirectly opposed civil rights. Then when he was president he passed the Civil Rights Act into law, the act guaranteed stronger voting rights, equal employment opportunities, and all Americans the right to use public facilities. Wanting to win the election or what he believed in: What caused L. B. J. to sign the civil rights act. Principal caused L. B. J. to sign the civil rights act of 1964 because he cared about his students as a teacher, realized the U. S. needed civil rights, and was willing to lose the presidential election for civil rights.

When Johnson was a teacher he cared…

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