Politics And Its Effects On Society

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The world has become a confusing and overwhelming place to live. While there have been (many)successful steps forward made in the areas of science, medicine, technology and space travel, in the realms of politics and government, it can be challenging to recognize progress. There are significant and recurrent problems within every country. Often times, with each new problem eagerly arising, there seems to be an underlying tone of familiarity and recognition within these problems. It is almost as if the problems countries face do not change, they simply take on new ways to present themselves. The media constantly shows us wars with different names, terrorism from extremists “over there”, ineffective political leaders, taxes (that are too high) on the middle class and poor, and (insufficient income taxes paid by) the rich. These are issues, to name a few, that have been rooted in society for timeless generations alongside politics. Politics ranges in intensity and complexity starting anywhere from a small town hall meeting and up to negotiations of international relations issues and formal agreements. At all levels, however, the people who create political decisions have differing opinions on what the real issues are, what priority they have, and how to go about finding solutions. Politics manages “we the people” and attempts to balance power and authority to represent and decide. At the present time, we are living in a time of political, social, and economic

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