Essay about Politics And Culture Of America

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Politics and culture in America have always been evolving by either social, economic, or by political parties. It has continually changed since it’s founding in America. At the heart of democracy, and changes that would happen, the expansion of voting rights for white men from the “white male suffrage”. As white males won the right to vote and political parties came more organized, the aspect of American politics and culture changed. At the beginning of the early politics of America was very chaotic, which in turn bred feelings of discontent amongst poor non-land owning Americans. Later American politics was in a sense more democratic and because it 's more democratic there would be consequences that would change the American country and culture forever. Universal white male Suffrage was an important factor in the political democracy and change in the United States. By giving all white men the right to vote it helped lessen the power of the upper class. It was the first step towards true democracy of the common man in politics. In this way, ordinary voters got to participate in politics, resulting in the presidency of Andrew Jackson. However this still meant that women and African Americans could not vote. As the “white male suffrage” was more democratic, it was so only for white American males, which meant that voting rights were still discrimintive as it was before. Voting rights was not the only thing to come about because of “white male suffrage” a new political…

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