Politics Administration Of The Modern Public Service Management

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The scenario above simply explains a politics-administration dichotomous relationship that it is there in the modern public service management and it is no way to go. What matters most is the relationship between the levels of operation as their common denominator is to serve the public’s interests through policies and programs. A balancing or neutral point should be found and maintained by both in discharging public duties. During the development of the Wilsonian Theory of Dichotomy, it is as if on the high ways and buildings of the United States of America they were bill boards carrying the message ‘Politicians, stop politicising the administrative affairs!’. Wilson’s Politics-Administration dichotomy was motivated by what he saw back then and could also see it coming into the future. The main argument being that this suffocated pure democratic principles and values to prevail and lead to unprofessionalism, dishonesty, corruption and other malpractices and obviously becomes a cost to government. The BDP being power and by today through the privatisation policy is on the process of liberalizing other sectors of the economy and as for the media is far from doing that and the situation has been made more worse by institutional restructuring that has since moved the state media to the Office of the President.

By the way the Office of the President is the most politicized office of all the Ministries. This alone complicates the half and half dichotomous relationship. It is…

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