Essay on Political Violence And The Civil War

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Political violence is defined as the use of force by states or non-state actors to achieve political goals. Usually, political violence occurred between states. In some circumstance, states use political violence to achieve political goals. Many times political violence occurs because civilians who are rebelling against their government or because a politician is trying to achieve their political goals by coercing the people and government officials. This creates a problem because it creates a type of disturbance between civilians and political leaders. When looking at political violence the factors that are analyzed are mass protests, riots, civil wars, and genocide. Problems of inequality also play a huge role in social violence, whether it is racial or economic inequality. The question is can we really stop political violence or social violence from happening or is it something that individuals and state have to deal with forever? When trying to decide individuals are required to analyze different case studies such as Rwanda and their civil war that began in 1994 or Sri Lanka’s civil war that ended in 2009. In this paper, a variety of different case studies of political violence and social injustice will be analyzed to show different types of political and social behavior. Social philosophers since Aristotle have believed and speculated that economic inequality is the fundamental of the cause of political violence and civil wars, for example, violence and…

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