Political Trade Was The Replacement Of The Slave Trade Essay

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1. Legitimate Trade was the replacement of the slave trade. It was established in the late 1800s and it incorporated products like ivory, coffee, and rubber. The significance of legitimate trade was it decreased the amount of violence occurring in-between states, spread wealth to people other than rulers, and it transformed the public opinion of African men to actual men and not just items.
2. Fante Confederation was a union formed in 1868 and proposed John Africanus Horton as its leader. It was one of the first actions advocating the self-rule of Africa in attempts to oppose colonization. A constitution was created that allowed the power to rule beside Europeans. The significance of the Fante Confederation was it portrayed the education and resilience of Africans. It showed the adaptability of African communities in response to survival.
3. Ethiopianism was a movement based on political and national pride. It was aimed at protecting the racial equality of Africans under the guidance of John Africanus Horton and Edward Blyden. It was significant because if encouraged education as a means of fighting colonization and medicated the mental sickness of ignorance. It provided a means for Africans to stand up for themselves with value.
4. John Africanus Horton combatted the ideology of Africans being an inferior race. He was also one of the developers of Ethiopianism and Fante Confederation. Mental progress was his goal and that was also his significance. He stimulated…

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