Political Theory By Hoffman And Graham Essay

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As defined by the book, Introduction to Political Theory by Hoffman and Graham, the state by definition is “an institution that claims a monopoly of legitimate force for a particular territory” (pg 509). The films which we have viewed so far all portray the state in a not so favorable light. The state possesses a superb amount of power and force that it has the ability to cease any person if the state feels threatened. With supporting evidence from the films and the books, we will identify how the state does not do a positive job with promoting its ideals on freedom and we will identify just how powerful the state really is.

The film, This is What Democracy Looks Like “Battle in Seattle” was a tremendous eye opener for its audience. It showed its audience a perfect example of how strong and controlling the state really is. We live in a society where we have laws which protect and allow us to have freedom of speech, freedom to protest and etc. The state in this film contradicted these laws and promoted violence onto its people. The protesters, were not violent, they were not raising havoc, and neither were they destroying government and public property. They were merely attempting to make the government listen to their concerns and trying to change conditions for labor workers, the environment and etc. The approach the state proceeded with inflicted harm and nonessential pain onto the people. Arresting these individuals without probable cause was unacceptable and it…

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