Political Systems And Its Views Of Absolute Monarchy, Democracy, Communism, And Fascism

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Throughout history, it has been shown how political systems around the world differ from country to country. With that comes their own way of living, thinking and growing as a nation. How a country is shaped depends greatly on its views of absolute monarchy, Democracy, Communism, and fascism, which are only some systems helping to shape the nations we know today. All these political systems are formed in each region according on the needs of people, exposure they have, and their type of resources. For example, Adolf Hitler, who joined the fascist German workers ' Party in 1919, was a military and political leader of Germany. Hitler believed, ”Jews" or Jewish people were responsible for all Germany 's domestic problems. His beliefs were spread throughout the country and people started to follow him. He soon became a councillor of a fusion government in 1933. He took matters into his own hands and gained dictator powers. He started to institute anti-Jewish laws, then came the process of German militarization and territorial in particularly the invasion of Russia. German military were doing good at first; starving millions of Russians and getting closer to Moscow. Underestimating the harsh winter, they were not ready and were defeated. At the same time, during 1941 America had entered the war for the remaining four years because Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor. The United States defeated the Japanese in the Pacific Ocean with decisive naval battles and going island to island…

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