Political Socialization

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Political socialization, a process which a person obtains their political beliefs and values, unknowing or knowingly, families tend to pass on criticism or political views onto their children. When I was in fifth grade I remember my high school sister doing research on her laptop over George Bush. Telling by her puzzled expression I could tell there was something wrong. It wasn’t long when she started talking to her computer screen voicing her opinion over George bush’s thoughts and plans on immigration. I didn’t know much about government or George bush at the time but had already had a bad opinion over the current president due to my sibling’s attitude towards him. As the years went by my knowledge about government grew and so did my political …show more content…
American political culture is known as a system with shared values, traditions, customs and beliefs between the people and government. Some characteristics include liberty, individual responsibility, democracy, civic duty and equality. With this in mind, people have the right to successes through the means of hard work, however with this sort of competitive realm failure to providing shelter for one’s self is also an option for an American. We’ve all seen programs helping out homeless people by giving them food or shelter, but rarely do we see the government helping them strive out of poverty and provide a permeant solution out of poverty since homelessness isn’t a serious topic in politics. Although they are necessary characteristics in the American political culture they’re should be change in order to achieve equality.
Texas political culture on the other hand has one the fastest growing rates of foreigners that creates a unique political culture. Texas political culture is defined as a state with upholding culture, freedom, freedom, equality and individualism. With that being said I believe that a state with rapidly changing lifestyles and economy should be progressive along with the state and adapt to the rapidly changing needs of its people. People who settle in Texas typical bring their political culture with them which means Texas culture often changes that creates social

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