Political Science : The Political System And Surveying Political Activity And Behavior

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Political science is having knowledge of the political system and surveying political activity and behavior. The basis for political science is civic life, politics, and government. The civic life I have started at a young age when I went to one of George W. Bush campaign events and a democratic campaign event to get both sides of the coin, which many people do not end up seeing. My great-grandparents worked in the voting poll booths for their communities. My great uncle, Glenn Kiecker, worked for Walter Mondale, who was a Minnesotan Senator and Vice President under President Jimmy Carter. My civic life closely ties in politics and government, as it does and should for everyone living in the United States. Civic life is the life of a citizen who is concerned with the problems and happenings of the community and the nation compared to their private or personal life,which is devoted to the pursuit of their interests. America is typically a friendly place, a place where civic life thrives. According to a study done by the Corporation for National and Community Service and the National Conference on Citizenship from Americans came together to overcome challenges people faced. From 2007-2009, over 62 million people volunteered in the United States, whether in soup kitchens or picking up litter in the street. Also during the years, 2008 and 2009, 125 million people helped their neighbor at least one time a month came from the same study. For democracy to work in America, it is…

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