Political Realism, By Thomas Hobbes And Preemptive Strike Essay

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On one hand we have Political Realism was the predominant idea in Europe during the warring eras. It is based on Thomas Hobbes’s view of the world and that the world is in constant state of anarchy. Each individual is responsible for his/ her being and only you can protect your rights because others would trample it down if you don’t. At the same time, you also need not to obey nor respect the natural rights of others. When applied to a much broader idea of international relations, each nation has to protect itself and self-help is the domineering belief. It is better to attack than to be attacked and that dilemma of preventive and preemptive strike comes in. As nations desire for power is immense and never-ending, international relations then, is at the state of constant war. An exemplary example of an event when political realism was most vivid was during the French Revolution. One nation’s desire for power made another nation’s feel threatened and insecure so they themselves, to protect their country. To prevent this from happening again, the Concert of Europe was founded with the idea that balancing the Great Powers would prevent one of the Great Powers from going rogue and attack another sovereign state because another superior power would keep it in line. This policy brought hundred years of peace in Europe which was a very great achievement but as we all know eventually failed in the end failed.
On the other hand, we have liberalism which tried to become the answer…

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