Essay on Political Power Vs. Freedom

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Political Juggernauts: Power vs. Freedom The environment around us has a profound effect as we age from adolescents to adulthood because of the subtle lessons we learn in life. Two historical figures almost everyone has heard of, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, were both early American political figures that wanted to make the country distinguished, but in remarkably different ways. These two individuals were differing fundamentalists of government which instigated them to form the very first political parties of the United States. The atmosphere and ecosystems surrounding Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton permitted each gentleman to challenge each other ideologically and their philosophies are still at the forefront of American politics today. To understand the ideology of Thomas Jefferson, one must understand his viewpoints from an Objective angle. Thomas Jefferson had a very broad view and open approach to who should govern. He had confidence in the common people to rule the land. Especially farmers, because Thomas Jefferson’s family were farmers (insert citation autobio-J). This means that every day people should have the power to vote for who they believe in to administrate the land, therefore voting qualifications needed to be low. Lower class individuals in this instance would put their power into Jefferson because he was their symbol of freedom. They had meaning because of Jefferson. Society could be built around the idea that everyone has a say and…

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