Political Political Advertising: The Ethical Issue Of Political Advertising

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Register to read the introduction… While in itself this is an important ethical issue, an extension of this is the question of credibility. Nowadays, newspaper columns are rife with advertisements which blatantly compare features of brands with those of their competitors. Citing the opinion of 'experts', these advertisements claim their brands to be quantitatively and qualitatively better than those of their rivals. In India a leading car manufacturer had to recall its ad campaign when it incorrectly stated that one of its car models was superior to that of its …show more content…
This happens when, for example, the costs of advertising limit political competition to wealthy candidates or groups, or require that office-seekers compromise their integrity and independence by over-dependence on special interests for funds. Such obstruction of the democratic process also happens when, instead of being a vehicle for honest expositions of candidates' views and records, political advertising seeks to distort the views and records of opponents and unjustly attacks their reputations. It happens when advertising appeals more to people's emotions and base instincts-to selfishness, bias and hostility toward others, to racial and ethnic prejudice and the like- rather than to a reasoned sense of justice and the good of all. Ethical Issues in Internet, e-commerce The Internet is quickly becoming a major conduit for business. On-line business has raised a host of new issues such as honesty and responsibility, accountability, privacy and confidentiality, protection of data (i.e. credit card numbers), freedom from invasiveness (i.e. so-called sticky websites that automatically track and retain customer contact and information), quality of the goods delivered, disclosure and reliability of information, sources of goods, Internet economics vs. traditional economics, impacts of global Internet business, employment through the net (local and global telecommuting), web advertising, competition on the Internet (hacking into data, falsification of data), public information and financial disclosure (investor relations on the Internet), and others. 1. The Small Print: The major ethical issues facing business over the internet are the ones regarding the small print i.e. the policy notices or practices on websites. These issues include: A) Usage of obfuscating and vague language B) The policy may be hard to find or

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