Essay on Political Philosophy And Information Processing

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Given the context of Smoketown, the combination of political philosophy and information processing frames of reference would work best. Political philosophy is the strongest frame at providing an overall policy goal through its dialectic approach. However, it is the weakest of the five frames at providing technical details or a plan of action. Information processing counterbalances the major weakness of political philosophy by being the strongest technical frame since it provides prescriptions for the policy process (Bobrow and Dryzek 1987, 95). The major weakness of information processing, decision-making, is offset by the strength of political philosophy. These two frames, when combined, create the most comprehensive approach to the plethora of problems facing Smoketown and Smoke Valley. Due to the diversity of the pollution sources and audience, a government and a market failure are both present in the Smoketown scenario. Additionally, everyone in Smoke Valley is afflicted by the pollution regardless of social status, race, ethnicity, or gender. Political philosophy, through the Kantian tradition, is the only frame with the appropriate characteristics to address all facets of the problem and reach a common agreement on policy goals. Since a Kantian addresses “the intrinsic moral standing of actions and arrangements,” pollution cannot be justified through economic rationale or by government regulations (Bobrow and Dryzek 1987, 106). This closes the loopholes that…

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