Political Parties Of The United States Government Essay

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First, political parties serve a very important role within the United States government. The functions of political parties is to bring individuals with similar view points together. They work together to engage in and influence the government by having it’s candidates elected to a position in the government. Democracy refers to a system of the government of the citizens, by the citizens to serve the citizens. So, this is supposed to be the thought that the entire population would be active in elections and debates for various policies. The question is how engaged are the citizens are as a unit. Democracy is a challenging form of government and it entails more of the rule by the simple citizens or by the leaders elected by the people to serve them through a fair election. It is a government type whereby the basic rights belonging to individuals or political sectors are guaranteed by the constitution. A democratic state and it’s citizens have a unique relationship because democracy requires it’s people to do more than only obey the laws that are set. Authority can only succeed if people see government action and spending as legitimate. This will then almost guarantee compliance to the laws. At first, the United States initially started with no city-states. The colonies, as they were known, were tiny and very independent similar to a state. However, after the American Revolution, colonies began to come together as one. This lead to a very strong and resourceful nation…

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