Political Parties During The World War II Essay examples

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“The economy is collapsing more or less everywhere, but only in Germany does the process achieve its maximum effect on people’s spirits.”- Heinrich Mann (Document 10) Germany was left in a state of devastation after WWI. However just because the war was officially over for them, did not mean the fighting had stopped in Germany. The entire World was in bad shape after the terrible war, but Mann explains how it seemed that nothing could go right for the Germans and with each blow the people’s hope began to diminish and the struggle to stay strong grew harder and harder. Amongst the ruins of the desolate state, political parties began to take advantage of the people’s need for leadership and began to battle over control and power. The two major opposing sides being the Democratic Party (Social & German) and the Catholic Center Party (Nazis) had very different ways of seeing things. In times of such instability, now more than ever did the people of Germany need to unite but with such opposite views being told to them, the Germans did not know who to trust. This lead to much social unrest and distrust, and eventually people began to turn against each other.

Democrats and Communist may have had combative views, but they did share one simple mission. To garner the support of the German people it was important to reach out to the masses and spread their ideas and causes to as many people as possible. The only problem was that with the two parties being so radically different,…

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