Political Parties And Pressure Groups Essay

2195 Words May 4th, 2016 9 Pages
Despite the many problems that minority parties face, they certainly play an important role in the political affairs of the government. Pressure groups too help in the shaping of society but it is greatly disputed whether both these groups are an essential part of democracy. Some people argue that the impact which smaller parties and pressure groups make may be regarded as undemocratic as well as being undesirable. This essay will start by defining and stating the roles of both groups thereafter arguing for both sides while leaning more to the side I agree with the most. Although many would be in support of the argument above, there is a stronger one that feels that the significance of minority parties and pressure groups is not undemocratic and that is what I will be discussed in the course of this essay.
To begin with, political parties are known to be an essential part of democracy. Representation in contemporary liberal democracies relies a lot on the actuality of parties as agents of the state that serve in the legislative and executive. Among other things they form part of fundamental institutions in a democratic state. Parties in authoritarian states differ from those in a democracy is that those in a democratic system compete in openly in and have competitive elections. Political parties exist to influence government policy through electoral means. They appeal to voters through campaigns to help “stimulate a sense of government legitimacy among the people” (Sadie,…

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