Essay about Political Parties And Foreign Policy

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The US is the most powerful state in the world. Not surprisingly, US foreign policy is influential throughout the world. Political parties, interest groups, the media, and the American public are the four most influential extra-governmental actors in US foreign policy making. In this essay, I will discuss whether political parties, the media, interest groups, or the American public has the greatest impact on US foreign policy. First, I will discuss political parties impact on US foreign policy. Second, I will discuss interest groups influence on US foreign policy. Third, I will discuss the media’s influence on US foreign policy. Fourth, I will discuss the American public’s influence on US foreign policy. Fifth, I will discuss which extra-governmental actor has the greatest impact on US foreign policy. Sixth, and finally, I will conclude with a summary of the main points of the essay. Political parties impact US foreign policy. Fordham (1998) argues that there is a relationship between party identification and presidential use of force. For example, the conflicting constituencies of US political parties cause presidents to use diversionary force overseas. Perceptions of political parties can also impact US foreign policy. For example, during the cold war democratic presidents had to worry about being perceived as soft on communism, so they were more likely to use force. Therefore, political parties can directly impact the decision making of the most influential government…

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