Moral Theory In Political Decision Making

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The political arena for decision making amongst various groups, societies, nations and so on, have always been a complex and tedious process to ultimately come to a fair conclusion. One key factor within this process of finding possible solutions is taking into consideration a moral high ground so to speak, or in another words a moral principle perspective within the political decision making process. Providing a human moral based analysis of any issue at hand on a political bases simply further increases the complexities and variables of the negotiation process itself. One may argue that a moral perspective shouldn’t be necessary within the political negotiation process itself as it further increases the complexities of the issues at hand. This stance however is simply flawed in its own nature due to the simple fact that the political negotiation process cannot exist without the human element involved. …show more content…
There are consequently many varying factors and areas of dispute when it comes to the application of moral theory with regards to finding legitimate solutions to the issues that the people of today are up against. However, it must be noted that political decision making itself could not exist without the presences of morals. The application of moral theory within political decision making undoubtedly further complicates the process as a whole, as it additionally takes into consideration many other varying factors that must be given the time of day as they are legitimate influences that shape the overall solution or solutions at the end. However, it is through this long and tedious process in which many factors and different perspectives are sorted out and organized to a point in which moral theory is able to be at the forefront of discussion with any issue at hand and ultimately be major shaping factor for a legitimate, fair and just solution to put

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