Political Justice In Plato's Republic

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Plato’s Republic: Justice For Everyone Except the Poet

The main reason that Plato composed The Republic was to define justice and and to oppose the teachings of ancients Greek philosophers such as Socrates. In Plato’s republic political justice is very important and the structure of society is vital to its success. The way in which the social classes Plato creates (producers, auxiliaries and guardians) interact with one another is the central thesis of the book. By the end, Plato has defined how the harmony between these different roles people have would work except for that of the poet. In the following paper this enigma will be discussed and possible reasons why will be given along with a short overview of some of the
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One major hurdle was that the poet was still free to create verses with imagery that people enjoyed and was appealing which in Plato’s opinion could lead people to invest their moral justice into something that was not truth. For Plato, it was impossible to obtain political justice without absolute truth and a poet would never provide this and for this reason he cast them out of his city to attempt to hold onto his political justice.
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