Political Influence Of The Revolutionary War Essay

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After defeating the British in the Revolutionary War, the newly independent Colonies had to become a governing body within itself and bring the new states together to form. one national identity. America’s identity was formed through trial and error of government, but political platforms such as: domestic policy and foreign policy brought the new states together.
Post-Revolutionary America was in dire need of political influence in order to maintain national loyalty, which was created during the Revolutionary War. The establishment of Domestic policy was one of the most important issue confronting the newly formed country and government. With the over-whelming nomination of George Washington the States had their first national government leader. At first, there were no political parties, but there were factions, which were less organized, yet effective for the meantime. The most dominant political factions to emerge were, the Federalist and Antifederalists who both had opposite views on government. Both faction leaders were appointed by George Washington into the very first Cabinet. The Federalist were led by the first Secretary of Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. Meanwhile, Thomas Jefferson, the first Secretary of State, was the Anti-Federalist leader. The political faction’s platforms appealed to two different groups entirely. The Anti-Federalist were mostly elite people who did not agree with a strong central government as explained in the Anti-Federalist 1, “Compulsive or…

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