Political Ideologies Within The United States Political System

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There are two political ideologies within the United States political system. And those are liberalism and conservatives. While liberals are for less government they operate under the assumption that everyone is a rational being, and can solve problems and progress without government. Then we have the conservatives who in contrast to the liberals value and emphasize tradition and already established practices to guide them into the future. While this is a very blanket and general description of the political ideologies liberalism and conservatives. There are different variations of the conservatives and liberalisms. Sometimes the liberals want more government. And sometimes the conservatives may want a little less government. While these political ideologies are indirect conflicting with eachother. There is one thing they do not mess with and that is the United States of America’s status quo. Something neither the liberals or conservatives want to do is make major changes in our political and social order. Both of these political ideologies in the United States accept Capitalism American-style as a successful economic system, and the economic marketplace as the chief instrument for the distribution of economic goods. One of the economic reforms brought on by the new deal was something the liberals and conservatives could get behind for the most part. And those involved social security, unemployment insurance, and agricultural subsidies which is forever a part of our…

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