Political Ideologies, Their Convenience And Deficiency Essay

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Political ideologies, their convenience and deficiency, is a never ending and criticizable topic. The focus of this essay are two idelogies with different social and economic interferences - Anarchism and Communism. With the assistance of practical evidence as well as all possible social and economical outcomes of living in societies rulled under these political ideologies the benefits and disadvantages of those two ideologies will be disscussed.

Firstly, to fully confer two ideologies, their main concepts must be presented. The major conceptions of Anarchism and Communism are nearly opposite.While Anarchism is based on the assertion that hierarchy is not only unnecessary, but is even injurious, Communism sees government as an essencial tool for keeping the state powerfull and developmental.

Main concept of Anarchism:
The essential claim of Anarchism is invidual freedom. Most people think that the word “anarchy” is a synonim to chaos, rebellion, nihilism and moral downfall, but actually anarchists aim is to create an anti-autoritarian society based on self-determination and group work.(Eatwell, R. and Wright, A 1993:127) . In “The Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary Of Political Thought” written by Roger Scruton it is stated that the typical anarchist beliefs are non-malignant by nature, but debased by government and the state; that the society is free and natural, while the state is only there to exploit it, and that revolution will bring social change. It clearly shows that…

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