Political Ideologies And Its Impact On Society Essay

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The desire to create change in society resulted in the development of most political ideologies. As a competing blueprint, each political ideology prescribes how society should be organized, and the appropriate way of achieving such goal. Thus, political ideologies are mutually exclusive. Conservatives and socialists differ on their understanding of human nature and freedom. Therefore, it is appropriate to look at the works of the leading philosophers on where the conflicting ideologies differ and overlap. While Oakeshott, and Marx & Engels both reach the conclusion that if innovation is to take place in a society, it must be beneficial as a whole. However. Both philosophers differ on their role of government.
Conservatism is an ideology grounded on preserving the present or status quo in society. Thus, Michael Oakeshott is critical of the idea of change and innovation (2014: 168). However, socialists embrace change and innovation in order to produce the perfect society. The argument is that due to the oppression of the working class by the bourgeois, the working class will rise up, and revolt to create a classless society (Marx & Engels, 2014: 212-223). Oakeshott, and Marx& Engels although at the opposing side of the ideological spectrum agree that innovation needs to be beneficial as a whole. Oakeshott posit, that the innovator who proposes change in society have the burden of proof in showing that the gains outweighs the loss (2014: 168). Marx & Engels as the…

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