Political History And Social Issues Essay

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The Political History And Social Issues In The 1960’s
Political events and Social issues occurring between 1960 and 1969,known as the sixties were historical for many reasons. It was a season in change for Centuries, Countries, and Outer space. It was a decade of turmoil and conflict with war and rumours of war causing divisions. Leaders would rise, but some would not live to discuss the outcomes. The sixties was a generation called ‘boomers’, and changed life as we knew due to the Cold War, the Fight for Civil Rights,and the Vietnam War. Many of the conflicts during the 1960’s, is considered to be part of the ongoing war, known as the cold war, was fought between the East and the West(Communism Capitalism), Due to the Nuclear Capabilities of both sides neither sides wanted to start a full scale of war as they began realize there there wouldn’t be a winner, so they believed their ideology was best , and they did their best to influence the politics in many ways throughout the world. On January 20,196, John F. Kennedy became the 35th president of the the United States. His presidency was cut short due to his assassination in 1963, at Dallas Texas, Lee Harvey Oswald was an American former U.S. Marine who assassinated President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Although President Kennedy’s time in the White house was cut short, he’s remembered for multiple reasons including his commitment to the United States of America, Should commit itself to landing a man…

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