Political Extremism Essay

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I remember growing up my Grandmother would say, “If you can’t think for yourself then get out of way, boy!” While my Grandmother wasn’t necessarily discussing politics, but more everyday life. The statement rings true for myself and many other educated voters. In today’s there has been a large growth within the Democratic Party; however, many from this newer generation are creating a movement that is redefining our political parties. Additionally, because of “Political Extremism” the Democratic and Republican Parties are beginning to fracture. In the mid-nineties, a major shift in how children were raised swept America. Quickly children’s little league games no longer kept score, and the players all received the same trophy just for participating. Additionally, corporal punishment quickly fell into the category of child abuse. Certainly, the motives for these drastic changes in child development were went to better our society. Unfortunately, the changes missed the mark. Today we have a new generation of young adults, who are plagued with multiple mental health issues, and an undeserved sense of entitlement. Likewise, the past few election cycles have begun to see an increase in voting numbers from this generation. Because of this the …show more content…
However, it would seem that in today’s modern times, with immediate news coverage and a vast of information at everyone’s fingertips. The extremism isn’t being tolerated. The result is the formation of new political parties that were started within our two largest parties, the Republican and Democratic Parties. Two of the main parties that fractured off are the Libertarian Party which branched off from the Democratic Party, and the Tea Party which came from the Republicans. An argument can be made that each time a party fractures it removes unity from within. On the other hand, without change we would most certainly be overrun by the corruption of those in

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