Political Culture Of Malheur County Essay

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Political Culture of Malheur County To understand the political culture of a community, city, county, state, or even country-- one must first have a firm handle on the principles used to identify a political culture. As political culture stands, we have two models used to identify the bulk of the citizens in the political world. These two concepts can be labeled conservative and progressive. The conservative model correlates with a traditionalistic perspective, meaning, this view is best described as one wanting to maintain existing political order and leave the political participation to those in power (Bowman and Kearney, p. 18). This view can be seen wanting less governmental control, meaning less taxes and interference from the government in their everyday lives. Movements in driving limits on government spending, reduced control over property, and more punitive judicial power can all be coined as conservative movements. On the contrary, a progressive culture takes a much different approach. A progressive culture supports what is called, a moralistic political approach, which views the government as a resource for change and a tool in providing a healthy nation (Bowman & Kearney, p. 18). A progressive culture is seen as the voice of the government, one must be educated on political matters and exercise their voice in seeking the change they desire. Progressives can be accredited as the movements in supports of matters such as land use planning to help with growing…

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