Essay on Political Culture Has A Big Influence On Politics

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Political culture has a big influence on how politics are decided and how citizens participate in politics. If we apply this to Britain and France, we shall see that this proposal is definitely true. The difference between the British and French cultures becomes obvious when an assessment looks at their political systems, and each of the 6 structures, and the full range of the political culture 's influence on each structure is understood.
First, let’s look at how political culture is portrayed in Great Britain. To start, we have look at Political socialization which is the learning of your political culture and it is the process of acquiring the values and beliefs of the political system. Older generations pass on values and beliefs to the younger generations, thus political socialization starts in the family. After the family, it advances to the educational system, and it is the basis of acquiring political culture. In Britain, the two most important means of socialization are family and education.
One of many components that influence political culture is “family” because through family political habits and values are passed from parents to children. In the book British Polity it states that “Children tend to inherit their parents’ interests in politics (or, as appropriate, lack of it p.22) and their partisan.” Which interns means parents play a big role in shaping a child 's perception of politics because the parents are the first and foremost of reference in defining…

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