Political Controversy Surrounding The Commodification Of Organs

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Political Controversy Surrounding the Commodification of Organs
“Should the laws regarding the commodification of organs and organ transplantation be reformed, and why?”

In 1954, the first successful kidney transplant happened between 2 identical twins. Ever since then, there has been increasing amounts of controversy concerning various aspects of all parts of the organ donation and transplantation process. However, one of the most well-known problems with the organ donation and transplantation world is the nearly global presence of a black market that deals with organs. This, by definition of a black market, is illegal, and evidence of black market practices are still cropping up today, such as a from a boy in china found crying in a field with his eyes a couple feet away, harvested for their corneas. Other extreme instances include stopping an illegal harvesting just before the operation took place. These happenings are all related to one issue: organ shortage. This problem is caused by laws that affect the way that organs are procured: posthumous organ donation is used widely, but the death must be in certain ways to ensure that the organs are not going to cause problems for their future owners. The amount of donation from living donors is far lower than that of dead donors, and that can be remedied by making donation compensable. Although allowing people to buy and sell organs does cause some ethical controversy concerning monopolies and socioeconomic class policies,…

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