Political Communication During The 20th Century Essay

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Second World War is considered by many to be one of the political events of the 20th century that has undeniably transformed our society in terms of social, political and personal life. Among the factors that have undergone some considerable changes is the way political communication is carried out throughout postwar years and up until today. Following the general modernization of society, the emergence of advanced technological means of distributing information, the pivotal role of media in politics and primarily the advent of the World Wide Web and its major impact on society, political communication strived to abide to the fast-paced shifts that marked the years after 1945. The following essay aims to discuss further some of the most prominent alterations in political communication during those times.
Political communication has been classified by numerous researchers as being an interdisciplinary and highly interactive process which “links political culture, political actors, media organizations, including the roles played by political journalists within them, and bodies of increasingly heterogeneous and varyingly involved citizens” ( Brants, Voltmer and Beus, 2011). It is also considered to be “an exceptionally rich, complex, fluid and important sub-field among those that populate the overall field of communications studies.” (Jay G. Blumler, Brants, Voltmer and Beus, 2011). The role of political communication in the years following the Second World War was of major…

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