Theme Of Ignorance In George Orwell's Animal Farm

Insufficient knowledge or information in a country or group can bring about prolonged and unjust control of a person or government. This is all displayed in George Orwell’s 1945 novel, Animal Farm. Animal Farm alludes the events of the Russian Revolution and Russia’s times under Joseph Stalin to animals on a farm in England. In the book, the animals of Manor Farm are inspired to start a revolution to overthrow the cruel authority of Mr. Jones, the human they work for. After their successful attempt to expel the humans from, what they begin to call, Animal Farm, the animals form their own ideals, government, and system of work and education, known as Animalism, to better their farm. However, as time passes, Napoleon, the pig who leads the farm, begins to turn Animal Farm against their original, utopian ideas and more like Manor Farm under their human dictators. Throughout the book, the animals and their beliefs are constantly undermined by the pigs who lead their government, yet the animals do nothing to stop this and they, eventually, are living in no better times than when they worked for the humans, despite their initial goals. This proves ignorance can contribute to the political and social …show more content…
The book is an allegorical novel of the events of the Russian revolution and Russia’s era under the rule of Joseph Stalin. Because they are treated so badly by them, the animals on Animal Farm expel all human life on the farm, but soon come to discover it is harder than they originally believed to run the farm without falling in the same tyrannical footsteps as the humans. Napoleon, one of the pigs, becomes a horrible dictator and the remaining animals are too uneducated to govern themselves, so they are constantly manipulated by pigs. In the end, the animals live miserable lives due to their ignorance leading to their own

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