Political And Social Actions Of The Nazi Party Essay

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Germany, under the control of the National Socialist Party and Führer Adolf Hitler, experienced an influx of laws that attacked the German Jewry and, ultimately, anyone not identified as a member of the Aryan race. The political and social actions of the Nazis set out to correct the nation-wide problems that many believed were the result of granting Jewish citizens political power. Through the passage of the Nuremburg Laws, Germany took radical steps in ridding the Fatherland of the Jewish problem. The inferiority of the Jewish race plagued Germany as they prepared for war, and the leaders of the Nazi party found it necessary to eradicate this problem in whatever means necessary. These actions were sparked when Hitler spoke out in Mein Kampf stating “the highest purpose of a folkish state is concern for the preservation of those original racial elements which bestow culture and create the beauty and dignity of a higher mankind” (Hitler). In Hitler’s mind, only the Aryans deserved recognition as part of the German state, and therefore the Nazi party needed to take every possible action in the removal of all inferior subjects. Politically, the leaders of the Nazi party made it all but illegal to be a Jewish person. This legislation was the precursor for the largest singular attack on humanity the world had ever witnessed. Although the persecution in Germany eventually expanded to include anyone not of Aryan decent, it originated from the anti-Semitic views of the leaders…

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