Political And Economic Reform Movements Essay

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There are three major political and economic reform movements that have been discussed so far and they are Populism, Progressivism, and The New Deal. While each idea was thought of in different years they all have similarities and differences. They are similar because they all started from the same reason. For example, they all derive from finding solutions to problems at hand with the government and or the economy. They differ by their views, leaders, and how they plan on executing their ideas. They have their own ideas of what the government should be like and how businesses should treat the working class. Each movement has their own group of followers who support them and will vote based on their party’s ideology. This is the foundation of what makes them all different. The type of people who were apart of these movements expressed a larger definition to what the movement was about. Despite all of these reforms being completely different they do have some similarities, and most importantly they helped shape the American government into what it is today. Each reform has their own goals, supporters, and means of achieving said goals, and while these might be different their reasons for coming about were much the same. All of these movements started because there was a problem in the country. People were fighting over the economics of the systems not the morals. They had slavery in the south and industrialization in the north. They called it the rich man’s war while they…

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