Essay on Political Advertising And Other Forms Of Advertising

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Political advertising is comparable to other advertising in some ways, yet there are distinct differences as well. Political ads are similar to others forms of advertisements through the offering of products or services marketed to consumers/viewers. The political candidates are “packaged” and his/her sets of beliefs, values, and promises are sold to viewers, with hopes to secure their votes.

However, there is a vast difference between political advertising and other forms of advertising in that political ad focuses on selling ideas, values, and beliefs, rather than actual products or services. The information presented, via these ads, is but ideals of the political candidates. Crichton indicated, “Most advertising people believe advertising should be accurate; that is, they believe the product should not be sold as something it is not, nor should promises be made for its performance which it cannot fulfill” (Thayer, 1980). This is different from political advertisements, which are generally based on promises that are often constructed on values and beliefs that often cannot be substantiated, unfulfillable or unachievable.

Also, the consequences between the two types of advertising are quite different. For other advertising, deception advertising may lead to lawsuits, physical and psychological damages, and may be detrimental to consumers. For political advertisement, unfulfilled promises may result in a candidate not being reelected and unfortunately, through…

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