Polisci Essay

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What is freedom? Freedom is the ability to act, think or speak freely without limitation. The United States of America is notorious for being founded on the basis of freedom and democracy. Freedom is an amazing thing to have but there are times where it is used excessively causing harm around us. It is wonderful to be able to express opinions but there should be a limit as to what we should say to others or in public. John Stuart Mill argues that the government must never censor its citizens, no matter their opinion and that is agreeable to certain extent. The Bill of Rights is one of the nations essential founding documents added to the constitution in 1791. The Bill of Rights are the first 10 amendments to the constitution that limit …show more content…
Throughout time the Supreme Court has found ways to limit some of our rights. There have many cases in which freedom of speech has been restricted. In Morse –v- Frederick students help up a banner at a school event that said bongs hits 4 Jesus. The creator of the banner was suspended for 5 days. The ruling stated that the1st amendment does allow school officials to restrict speech. Chief Justice Roberts concluded that the school officials did not violate the First Amendment. In order to violate the 1st amendment Roberts established first, that school speech doctrine should apply because Frederick's speech occurred at a school event; second, that the speech was logically viewed as promoting illegal drug use; and third, that a principal may legally restrict that speech based on the three existing First Amendment school speech precedents. Basically students on school ground have less freedom of expression than adults in public or/and in private. I do agree that there should be a limit to what kids do say in school especially if they are intentionally or unintentionally promoting the use of illegal drugs. I personally found the banner disrespectful. I am a catholic and I found that offensive. Though the boy might not have been religious or of another religion making any offensive remarks or sign should not be allowed. Another case

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