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The Policy Process Part One
Sarah Falsey
January 27, 2014
Linda Morrow

The Policy Process Part One
Present growth thoughts imply that the policy structure is vital in shaping the performance of public sector bodies, farmers, households, and firms. As a result of extending, the trade and industry expansion of a nation depends on the eminence of this policy outline, the ideas that are taken, and the processes drawn in by thinking about each resolution. In the United States (US), most policies are produced through a self-governing arrangement in which officials come to a decision that best serves a state, a group of people, or a nation in its entirety. The self-governing arrangement makes sure that there is a routine cycle of
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Formulation is the second stage of the policy process. This stage of the policy process involves policymakers proposing courses of action for addressing issues that have been brought to the agenda. The ultimate policy that is chosen to solve the issue at hand is dependent on two factors. First, the policy must be a valid way of solving the issue in the most efficient and feasible way possible. Effective formulation involves analysis and identification of alternatives to solving issues. Secondly, policies must be politically feasible. In acknowledgment that there could be numerous ways to unravel troubles and to give each person a fair opportunity to offer their say on the policy issue, policy makers collect and evaluate information on the problem. They show the information to the others casually and officially by contacting members of the given community and by holding meetings. The policy makers deliberate and try to figure out which answer to the issue is best based on the available information. This stage creates the rough, working drafts of the policy at hand (Thibodeaux, 1999).
Legislative is the next stage of the policy process. At this stage, numerous contradictory plans from a variety of political welfare take shape. A diverse number of players are introduced; such as, agency officials, the President and White House aides, legislators, private research groups, and interest

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