Policy Of Methadone

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Is the policy of giving methadone to drug addicts a good one?
For those unfamiliar with methadone treatment allow me elaborate. According to Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, methadone is a synthetic opioid created in a lab and is commonly prescribed for treatment of opiate addictions. Individuals addicted to “heroin, oxycodone and hydromorphone” receive daily doses of methadone to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. CAMH expert’s rationalized the use of methadone as minimizing the risks associated with opioid drug use; primarily preventing the spread of diseases such as HIV & Hepatitis C through needle sharing (CAMH.)
Is the policy of giving methadone to drug addicts a good one? Is it morally acceptable to substitute one addiction for the
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With hundreds of methadone clinics springing up around the country and thousands of users flocking to receive treatment. It is no wonder why our moral compass is conflicted. I for one would argue for an alternative to the alternative. Methadone treatment can be just as lethal as taking illicit street drugs, prolonged use may lead to a tradeoff of one addiction for another and treatment may actually cost more than what experts’ project.
Studies have shown that methadone use can be as lethal as using illicit street drugs. The potential for an overdose is significantly high when taken unsupervised. Most patients are required to take methadone in front of a witness, however, as trust is established; some patients are permitted to carry individual doses. Jim MacDonald, an angry father from Nova Scotia tells his account to having lost his twenty year old daughter to an unsupervised methadone use resulting in a fatal overdose. “I 'm hurting but angry at the same time. How could this happen? How can our system fail us like that (CBCNEWS.) Too often we rarely hear stories in the news about methadone treatment resulting in a fatality, which explains our general naivety to the matter. Arguably, Experts from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health stands by the
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It is with our tax dollars that a sustainable budget is developed and allocated for use for our health care needs. Methadone is one of many treatments made available to Canadians through funding receive from the Ministry of Health. Methadone treatment when view as a systematic approach, provides a cost effective treatment to opiate drug addiction. It is the ideology that when a user receives methadone treatment, it lessens the likelihood that the user would be entangled with the judicial system and may also limit the frequency of visits to the local emergency department which carries an estimated social price tag of “14.6 billion” (Leong, Melissa. ). When summing the cost for methadone treatment; it equates to an average daily cost of “$15.48” (Zaric, Gregory) Dollar for dollar when compared to traditional privately funded 30 day rehab programs with a price tag ranging from Leong, Melissa. “$12,000 to $17,400” (Leong, Melissa) would make methadone maintenance a more cost effective approach. Arguable, the length in which patients receive methadone maintenance treatment, generally ranging from a decade to a lifetime, one can surmise the dollar figure rise exponentially. When calculated with the figure provided above, it equates to $141, 255 per patient for 25 years. With more and more individuals falling to the clutches of opiate dependency; whom would

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