Policy Analysis Of The Affordable Care Act Law Essay

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Capstone Project: Policy Analysis of the Affordable Care Act Law Introduction
The healthcare system in the United States has been troubled for decades. The nearly insurmountable issue of coalescing equity, efficiency, and effectiveness has failed administrations as far back as Truman. Instead, healthcare costs continued to rise to unsustainable levels and millions remained uninsured. Even more troubling, despite technology and large amounts of money spent on healthcare in this country, other countries enjoy more effective healthcare with better outcomes at a much lower cost. When President Obama began pushing his healthcare reform agenda, few believed he would succeed, but in a historic moment in March 2010, he signed the first comprehensive healthcare reform bill into law. The following pages offer an overview of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the continued debate surrounding its legitimacy. However, the bulk of the discussion surrounds the future of healthcare in this country and the potential harm of not finding consensus on how to ensure the health of all residents. Included is a section on end-of-life care issues for the most elderly, ill, and vulnerable in society. While there is little argument the healthcare system was and remains in critical condition, the nation must work together to find solutions that are long-range and sustainable.
The Federal Government and Healthcare Reform
Historically, numerous presidents…

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