Essay on Policy Analysis : Gun Control Laws And Violence

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Policy Analysis Gun Control Laws and Violence
Gun control laws are lax in Indiana compared to other states and because of this access to buying guns is easier for people who should not have or own guns. Laws in Indiana that are careless include “all firearms are not subject to any form of licensing, and the registration of guns or their owners is not necessary under Indiana law and this is for a rifle, shotgun, or handgun” (Laws, 2015, p.1). Specifically, one law that needs to be modified is universal background checks for getting guns should, also include universal background checks at gun shows and from private sellers. Another law that should be enacted is the licensing and registration for firearms which is not presently a law in Indiana. In order to stop the killing of domestic violence victims and others it is important to tighten laws that are in place or advocate for new ones. Background checks for purchases at gun shows or private sellers helps to prevent criminals or felony offenders from obtaining guns that they can purchase now. State and federal laws that have loopholes allow people to obtain these guns online, through private sellers, and from gun shows because of federal laws that are negligent and this leads to an underground gun market.
“The Brady Act requires federally licensed firearms dealers to perform background checks on prospective firearms purchasers to ensure that the firearm transfer would not violate federal, state or local law. Since 1998, the…

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