Essay about Policy Analysis And Implementation Evaluation

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POLICY ANALYSIS AND IMPLEMENTATION EVALUATION. Public administration’s countless effects on the economy and society have raised questions on how well public policy actually works. In this chapter, we studied two methods to evaluate policies. These two techniques are policy analysis and implementation evaluation. Public administration plays a big role in the government’s interaction with its citizens. One can see the relationship between the government and its citizens in direct intervention in economic, social and political matters.
The Growing Concern with Policy Analysis. Systematic policy analysis became a standard public administration function in the 1960s due to big changes in the nature of public administration. Around this time, public administration became more relevant in the workplace, among communities and in families. President Johnson introduced the “Great Society.” This was a program that promoted the benefits of public administration and its intervention in aspects of the citizens’ everyday lives in order to promote greater equality of opportunity among all citizens. In this chapter, the author explains that this assessment of implementation is very subjective. What some might see as a service, others might see as a constraint. An example in the book is an employee’s viewpoint. This employee receives the government’s regulations for a safe and healthy work environment. The employer could view these regulations as an interference to the business’…

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