Policing Of Policing And Community Policing Essay

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Policing in a Contemporary Society
Many changes have occurred during the 1970s. “A “new” style of policing was introduced, with the intention of rebuilding the principles of policing by consent.” (Goff, 2017, p. 190). There are three types of policing: reactive, preventative and proactive. Proactive policing was introduced to encourage police officers to be more engaged to better control crime. Proactive Policing is the practice of deterring crime, reducing disorder, and reducing citizens fear of crime. To simplify it, proactive policing is the action that happens before a crime is committed (Swan, n.d.). It argues that the police are too concerned about their organized structure instead of figuring how to focusing on the problems in society. In this assignment, I will be talking about the two proactive policing strategies: Problem-Oriented Policing and Community Policing. The two strategies are focusing on fixing the problems in society but each one of them offers a different way. Problem-oriented policing was introduced by Goldstein Herman to make police officers put more time in on citizens complaints and find solutions to help the public safety. Community policing is mostly focused on community involvement and public cooperation to help prevent crime.
Policing in Contemporary Society
Problem-Oriented Policing
In 1979, Herman Goldstein published an article about a new style of policing which he called problem-oriented policing. In it he critiqued the…

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