Essay Police Violence And The Law Enforcement Agency

1038 Words Nov 9th, 2016 5 Pages
Police is a system of public services and institutions aimed at maintaining public order as well as protecting civilians. However, they automatically fail to do so when the legally-given right to use force in certain exceptional circumstances is abused. This paper looks at previous cases of police violence used against citizens of the United States and analyzes different theories that explain the causes of this misconduct. In addition, it discusses whether ethnic and racial minorities are more likely to be subjected to the police brutality. Besides the race and ethnicity, it talks about other personal characteristics that place a regular citizen in the role of a potential victim of the police aggression. Lastly, the paper examines the reaction of the public to unjustified excessive force on the part of the law enforcement agency.
In every country, a police force is a law enforcement agency that should maintain public order and keep civilians safe. However, application of excessive or sometimes even deadly force by police officers against unarmed citizens is not a rare phenomenon. This paper will present two articles that give detailed analysis of several cases from the United States where African American males were shot to death by officers of the law. It should not be ignored that different social, organizational and personal factors could provoke such a tragic resolution of the events. Afterwards, various professional consequences the police officers face…

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